26-Aug-2015 To 27-Aug-2015 | BANGALORE

CII-IBBI Certified Training Program

In an increasingly natural resource-constrained world, corporations should measure, manage and mitigate their impact on the ecosystems where they operate and through their supply chains. To help build this capacity into company infrastructure, the India Business & Biodiversity Initiative (IBBI) is launching CII-IBBI Certified Training (CICT) on Managing Natural Capital.

CICT is designed to improve the understanding of managers and employees across business functions about their company’s direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on ecosystems and ecosystem services. Designed specifically for business, it incorporates IBBI methodologies and tools that have been developed with support from international experts who have 15-20 years of experience in this field.

The course includes practical understanding of interdependencies between business and biodiversity through a half day site visit. CICT is the only course that provides site visit opportunity.

Register For Mumbai in Godrej, on 3-4 August 2015 http://www.cii.in/OnlineRegistration.aspx?enc=pZVQM37jtSRTHIkmBsithUcH8xgAPZjfgK6AdkKK5KCp9escNXY6/wXmInvsakkT