24-Nov-2014 To | Online

Assessment of Natural Capital Impacts & Dependencies / Risks and Opportunities

IBBI is pleased to peresent two webinars on assessment of biodiversity risks and oppotunities. These webinars can be accessed online exclusively by IBBI signatory companies.

During the first webinar, participants will learn how to assess company’s or business unit’s impacts and dependencies on Natural Capital and gain understanding as to how these impacts and dependencies can result in risks and opportunities. The webinar will explain how the use of the IBBI Quick Scan will provide a first overview of the key issues in your value chain (including suppliers, site and clients) from an impact and dependency point of view. Moreover, the webinar will explain how the IBBI Baseline Assessment can be used to take it a step further to create a basis for a Natural Capital strategy.

Further details: https://www.mycii.in/Admin/EventPreview.aspx?CallFrom=CAM&EventId=E000023302