01-Mar-2016 To 30-Apr-2016 |

award 2016

CII-ITC Sustainability Awards recognise and reward excellence in businesses that are seeking ways to be more sustainable and inclusive in their activities. More than recognition, the Awards measure performance and provide detailed feedback for opportunities to excel.
CII-ITC Sustainability Awards define the science of  sustainability performance. Excellence in sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement in processes and results. Uniquely based on EFQM Excellence Framework, these Awards are designed for those who strive effortlessly to make sustainability their business. The Framework is fleshed with around 250 questions covering governance, ecology, and social dimensions of doing business.
In a decade of recognising sustainable businesses, CII-ITC sustainability Awards have become a symbol of credibility and pride for companies. Cumulatively, almost 600 businesses have applied of which 189 have been recognised. Limited number of applications are accepted to maintain strong competition and high standards of excellence.

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