October 27, 2014


With a history of 75 years since its inception, Tata Chemicals Limited, part of the Tata Group, is a global company with presence in chemicals, fertilizers, food additives and agriservices. The company defines its business focus to be on LIFE – a formula that stands for living, industry and farm essentials. Tata Chemicals is a major domestic player in the branded and iodised salt segment as well as in urea and phosphatic fertilisers. On the global front, it has the second largest production capacity of soda ash in the world.

Spanning across four continents, Tata Chemical’s manufacturing facilities are located in India, UK, Kenya and the USA, serving a customer base all over the world. In India, it operates the country’s largest integrated inorganic chemical complex at Mithapur, Gujarat and fertilizer plant in a Babrala, Uttar Pradesh.