Biodiversity Awards

Consistent with IBBI’s objective on recognition, IBBI is set to recognize business excellence in biodiversity via CII-ITC Sustainability Awards. A separate domain excellence award was to be created for nominations to be called from 2016 onwards.

Instituted in 2006, the CII-ITC Sustainability Awards recognize and reward excellence in businesses that are seeking ways to be more sustainable and inclusive in their activities. Winners of the awards are role models that inspire others to follow suit. Read more about CII-ITC Sustainability Awards online:

Sustainability Awards

It was proposed in the Advisory Group to constitute a working group for biodiversity award.

The Working Group is lead by business members of IBBI Advisory Group. The lead was selected from nominations to the Working Group.

  1. The Working Group offered guidance/inputs on indicators created by the Award Team of CII-ITC Centre of Excellence and Sustainable Development (CESD) for biodiversity aspect of CII-ITC Sustainability Awards. The Working group ensured:
    1. Award criteria are most relevant and comprehensive with respect to biodiversity conservation and sustainable use related to operations, across the value chain.
    2. Indicators on biodiversity aspect served as an aspiration to the industry and the benchmark is leading industry to achieve excellence.
  2. The final indicators and criteria is decided by the Award Jury.

The project was overseen by IBBI Advisory Group. The designated Working Group  provided guidance to the project. The CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development provided executive support for the project.