The Declaration

Businesses of any size and from any sector can be a part of the initiative. The CEO of a member company is requested to sign a 10-point IBBI Declaration. By becoming signatories to the IBBI Declaration, companies endeavour to take action in some of the following areas:

  • Mapping biodiversity interfaces with business operations
  • Enhancing awareness on biodiversity  within the organisation
  • Considering the impacts of business decisions on biodiversity
  • Setting objectives and targets for biodiversity management
  • Designating an individual within the organisation as biodiversity champion
  • Assessing biodiversity risks and opportunities
  • Including the applicable biodiversity aspects in the environmental management systems
  • Encouraging relevant stakeholders to support better biodiversity management
  • Engaging in policy advocacy and dialogue with Government, NGOs and academia on biodiversity concerns
  • Initiating the valuation of relevant biodiversity and eco-system services.

Every two years the signatories are requested to make a public disclosure on the progress made on the Declaration.