The Benefits

IBBI is a multi-stakeholder initiative and we encourage participation from all sectors of the industry. And we have a membership model where all signatories can benefit from being associated with IBBI, actively participate in various IBBI activities and creating positive impact in the world. 10 good things that will happen by being part of IBBI
  • Be updated on global and national trends in biodiversity that can affect your business
  • Know Industry best practices on biodiversity management
  • Minimize risk and convert it to opportunities
  • Access to up-to-date information of other signatories on our website
  • Understanding Business cases of conserving biodiversity
  • Increased brand reputation by being part of internationally respected initiative
  • Regional Workshops to exchange experiences and network
  • Share your best practices through IBBI publications
  • Take part in Special events on biodiversity conducted by IBBI
  • Giving back to nature by conserving the biodiversity of the country