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Companies that have signed the IBBI declaration are not only demonstrating their leadership position in addressing biodiversity loss but are also using this refined understanding to gear up for changing consumer preferences, mitigating future risks and creating new business opportunities in green markets.

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  • Large parts of India dotted with fires: Nasa images

    Source:The Times of India / 30-Apr-2018

    Nasa images from the past ten days show large parts of India are dotted with fires stretching across UP, MP, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and even some southern states. In a sweltering summer, these fires are augmenting the heat and causing pollution via release of black carbon, a component of soot with high global warming effect. Read More On

  • Govt declaring all protected areas 'plastic free zones' symbolic initiative: Greenpeace

    Source:Business Standard / 30-Apr-2018

    Greenpeace India has termed the recent move by the environment ministry declaring all protected areas in the country 'plastic-free zones' as a "symbolic initiative" and said production of plastics should be controlled to achieve real reduction in such wastes. Ahead of World Environment Day on June 5, the environment ministry had recently banned plastics in all protected areas across the country, thus declaring them "plastic free zones". Read More On

  • Goa’s forest cover increased by 19 sq kms in 2017: FSI report

    Source:Goa NEWS : Heraldo / 30-Apr-2018

    With total 60.21% forest cover, the state ranks 9th in the country; South and North Goa reported increase of 12 sq kms & 7 sq kms in the forest area respectively. As per the latest biennial assessment by Forest Survey of India (FSI), Goa’s forest cover has increased by 19 sq kms in 2017 thus ranking the small state at the 9th position in the country with total 60.21 per cent forest cover. The report published by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) indicated that the forest cover in the State has increased by 19 sq kms compared to that in 2015, which reported 5 sq kms. Read More On